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Performance: The TT1 has two applications:a) It was designed to be used as a beltpack in an intercom system with the facility to inject program material onto the intercom channel to which it is connected;b) or to function as a portable master station for a compact IFB system. Whether the program material is a local audio source or an IFB feed , it is inserted via the combo XLR/1⁄4in. jack on the rear panel. Connection to the intercom system or the IFB talent receivers is made at the female 3-pin XLR on the rear panel. A 4-pin male XLR is provided for connection of a standard intercom headset with a dynamic microphone. A modification to allow use of a headset with an electret microphone is available. Control of the level of the program material to be heard in the system is by a rotary control on the front panel. A true VU meter (LED-type) is provided on the front panel to monitor the program input. A recessed control on the front panel permits adjustment of the VU meter sensitivity.The LEDs are bright and easily visible in daylight. Control of the user’s headset volume is by a thumbwheel. A green LED confirms that the TT1 is receiving DC voltage from the intercom or IFB power supply. When used as an intercom beltpack, power will be provided by the intercom system’s power supply. When used as an IFB mini-master, power will come from the IFB power supply. When used as a mini-master in a portable stand-alone IFB system, power will come from an AC adapter through an accessory which regulates and filters the power for ultra quiet operation, or from a battery accessory. The talk button is momentary in stock form, but can be modified to be latching. A separate button allows the user to choose to talk over the program material, or to interrupt the program material while the talk button is pressed. Pro Intercom users will recognize the sound quality of the communications audio. The pass-through of the program material is also clean and wide enough in frequency response to be listenable for long periods. Durability: The TT1 is built in our standard aluminum enclosure with end bezels made of an impact resistant compound. Inside, the PC board is supported along both sides by slots in the aluminum extrusion and at the rear by the metal XLRframes and the rear panel. The only point of vulnerability on this particular product is the protruding program level control knob. Value: Even though it’s a special applications product, the TT1 is built around our standard BP1 beltpack and so benefits from the high production quantities of that product. Compatibility: The TT1 is plug-in compatible with Clear-Com® and other lesser known 200‡ (unbalanced) party-line intercom systems.