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Performance: The BP15 continues the Pro Intercom tradition of superior performance, now in a package 1/7th the size ofthe BP1. All the func tions of a full­sized belt pack are re tained. The sig nal but ton and the mic. On/Off button are shapeddifferently for easy recognition by touch. Two LEDs are mounted, one to indicate signaling (red, bright) and one (green,low output) to indicate that the microphone is On. The volume control is a thumbwheel. There are two recessed controls. One controls 'sidetone' the sound of your own voice which you hear in your own earspeaker. The second recessed control adjusts the sensitivity of the microphone input circuit to allow for different outputs of dynamic and electret microphones. The microphone input circuit includes a limiter which keeps the microphone input from being overloaded, causing distortion. The amplifier circuit delivers a crisp, clear signal to the earspeakers for excellent speech recognition, and with a wide enough frequency response to minimize the possibility of ear fatigue during a long performance. The connectors are a4­pin headset jack and miniature XLR­type jacks for the other two. The BP15 comes with a cable constructed from a length of steel reinforced cable with the miniature plug on one end and a 3­pin female XLR on the other. A second cable isavailable with the miniature plug on one end feeding into a Y with a male XLR on one leg and a female on the other for looping onward to the next station in the system. Durability: The BP1 has a long reputation for ruggedness and reliability. The BP15 incorporates the very same charac­ teristics that earned the BP1 those accolades. The cabinet is a strong, aluminum extrusion with internal ribbing which not only adds to its strength but provides for support of the printed circuit board along the full length of both sides. The durable end bezels deflect damage. The same (almost indestructible) belt clip used on the BP1 is used on the BP15. Realizing that belt packs are bound to live a rough life, we take every possible opportunity to secure components and 'ruggedize' the complete product. Value: Simple, quick assembly has kept the cost of the BP15 very competitive. Use of only the best available componentsresults in a low predicted incidence of warranty repairs probably the most important cost savings of all. Compatibility: The BP15 is designed to operate with all 18~30VDC, 200W unbalanced intercom systems.