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Performance: The AD950 was designed to be a simple telephone interface dedicated specifically to connect a Pro Intercom (or compatible) intercom system to a telephone line. The minimum number of indicators and switches have been used. It is powered by the intercom power supply and the phone line and needs no AC adapter or other source. It connects to the intercom just as if it were another intercom beltpack via the rear panel 3-pin female XLR. A male XLR is provided for looping onwards to another intercom station, in case it is more convenient to locate the telephone connection somewhere other than at the end of the system. A double RJ11 jack sits between the XLRs. One is used to connect to a live telco jack while the other is used (if de- sired) to add an inexpensive telephone so that its keypad can be used to initiate the connection from the intercom site. The front panel has three LEDs: green to indicate that DC power from the intercom power supply is present; yel- low to indicate that the AD950 is On Hook (hung up); and red to indicate that a call is being received to initiate con- nection to the intercom. Connection is made by simply moving the Hook switch from On to Off. To match the many telephone line levels which can occur in different venues, a multi-turn Level control is provided, and to give it an even wider range of lev- els, a High-Low switch is fitted. Once connected, any standard telephone, including cell phones, or a telephone net- work can join the intercom by simply dialing the number of the telephone connection over a telephone company's network. Durability: The AD950 is built in exactly the same cabinet used in our beltpacks, long known to be the most bul- let-proof in the industry. The internal components are also mounted in the same way to survive bumps and drops. The tough end bezels usually absorb most of the shock. The XLR connectors are genuine Neutrik®. Value: Simplification and using components common to our BP1 beltpack and AD903 I/O adapter keep the cost of construction of the AD950 low, allowing us to offer it at an industry-leading price. Compatibility: The AD950 is compatible with any 200‡, unbalanced intercom system including Clear-Com®. It is not compatible with Telex Audiocom®or RTS. Future versions may include auto-answer and auto-hang-up as de- mand dictates. Our first objective was the simplest most cost-effective device possible. The AD950 is FCC PART 68and Canadian IC compliant.