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Performance: The AD913 permits communications between a cabled intercom system and any number of standard, simplex, (press-to-talk) transceivers. One of your transceivers is dedicated as ‘base’, and connected via its accessory mic/spkr jacks to the AD913. Transmissions from other transceivers (on the same frequency) are then heard at all inter- com stations on the same circuit as the AD913. These stations may then transmit to the remote transceivers by simply pressing and holding their signal light button. The AD913 is connected to the intercom system as is a belt-pack, via the female 3-pin XLR on the rear. The AD913 is powered by the intercom power supply. Connection to the (base) transceiver is made through a 6-pin male XLR, also on the back panel. Pro Intercom can provide connecting cables for most popular makes of transceivers. The front panel con- tains two 15-turn potentiometers for matching the send and receive levels of the transceiver to the intercom system.The input stage of the AD913 includes a studio quality microphone transformer. The output is also transformer isolated. Fre- quency response has been carefully shaped to optimize both intelligibility and long-term listening comfort. Durability: The ribbed, extruded aluminum case; glass-filled nylon end bezels; internal support system for the PC board; carefully mounted components; best-quality XLR-type connectors; and recessed controls, all contribute to the outstand- ing ability of the AD913 to withstand rough usage. Value: The comparatively low price of the AD913 is made possible by minimized assembly cost resulting from simplicity of construction. Simple construction also affords the use of higher quality components, and increases the ease (thus low- ering the cost) of servicing. Compatibility: The AD913 is plug-in compatible with Clear-Com® and other popular headset intercom systems.