7 Tips for Camping with Kids
Did you switch out the car seats into the SUV? Did you pack sunscreen? What about bug spray? Oh shoot, we need to bring Lil’ Bear or else Ella will be in full-on riot mood at bedtime. All parents know how difficult it can be to just get out the door for family outings, and sometimes the challenges associated with having young children can feel very restrictive for active, adventurous families. But fear not! Once your little groms get to the toddler stage there are very few trips that you can’t do. In fact, regular camping trips at the crag, river, or up in the mountains will do wonders for the whole family. Just make sure you take lots of photos to capture the look on those innocent eyes the first time they peer into a campfire, see wildlife, and wake up in a beautiful natural setting and realize that the biggest playground in the world is waiting just outside their tent. Here are seven tips to ensure that your family camping trip runs smoothly, leaving everyone in with a big smile and hatching plans for your next adventure. 1. Practice Makes Perfect Before you take that two-hour drive up to the mountains, it’s wise to do a trial run in your backyard. You can make sure your tent and other gear is in good shape, figure out (or remember) how to set it up without headache, and to see how the little one(s) do with a night of camping. Any hiccups can easily be remedied by simply heading back inside, and then you can plan accordingly for the real trip. 2. Planning and Preparing for