Three Reasons to Upgrade Your Bar's Popular Drinks with Metal Straws
Upgrade with metal straws? As harmful plastic continues to pollute the world, eco-conscious bar owners and their patrons are seeking alternatives to plastic straws. Fortunately, there are a growing number of alternatives to plastic, such as bamboo, paper, and even metal. Aside from the environmental benefits, making the switch to stainless steel straws provides a unique aesthetic, improves beverage quality, and upgrades the user experience. Read more about the benefits below. Drinks Taste Better Anyone that has sipped water from a hot plastic water bottle knows the dreaded aftertaste. By contrast, drinking from a stainless steel thermos provides a crisp alternative - even if the liquid is no longer cold. Applying the same concept, drinks enjoyed from a metal straw taste crisper and more consistent with how they actually should taste. By using a metal straw, there is no plastic aftertaste or contamination and the patron can experience their drink in its full glory. Stainless steel can even help a drink stay cool longer. Drinks Look Better Whether a patron consciously realizes it or not, plastic has connotations of