Metal Straws vs Glass Straws - What's Best for Your Business?
Metal Straws or Glass Straws? While there's no denying that plastic straws are useful, it's also important to face the reality of what they've been doing to our environment. An article by National Geographic shows that Americans use and discard more than 500 million straws in a single day! It's vital to note that these stats are a mere fraction of what's dumped into the environment as they represent plastic straws thrown away in the US only! So what's so wrong about that? Well, since they're made from polypropylene, plastic straws are hard to recycle. This material is also toxic. Therefore, almost all 500 million straws discarded in a day usually end up somewhere in Mother Nature. This affects the environment negatively as they tend to release toxins into the air. Also, some end up in our oceans putting marine life in danger. On the bright side, however, people are starting to realize this and beginning to take action. If you're a restaurant owner, you too can join in the bandwagon by using alternative eco-friendly straws. Some of the most popular alternatives so far include glass and metal straws. Described herein are the advantages that each of the mentioned boasts. Advantages of Metal Straws Very Durable Even though at some point they'll cave into the test of time, you don't have to question the durability of metal straws. Easy to Clean Metal straws are dishwasher safe. Hence cleaning is a walk in the park. Cost-effective Metal straws are also quite affordable. Depending on the type of metal straws you want, the price ranges from $6 -$10 for a pack of eight straws. Aesthetically Pleasing Another perk of metal straws is that they're visually appealing. This is thanks to their shiny, eye-catching silver color and also because they come in different shapes and sizes. Conductivity When it comes to conductivity, metal straws are only ideal in taking cold beverages. Eco-friendly On top of all the above, metal straws are recyclable. This is because a majority of them are made of either copper or stainless steel metals which are easy to recycle. Advantages of Glass Straws Easy to clean One of the main perks of glass straws is that they're easy to clean. Since they're transparent, it's easy for the user to see how clean it is on the inside. Like metal straws, they're also dishwasher safe. Visually appealing Glass straws are also aesthetically pleasing. Their clear color sets them apart from any other plastic straw alternatives and are a match to any drinking vessel one may be using. Heat conduction Glass is usually heat resistant. This makes it ideal for both hot and cold drinks. Eco-friendly Even though their eco-friendliness can't be compared to that of metal straws, glass straws are a much better option than plastic straws. This is because they can be cleaned and reused many times. In a Nutshell When it comes to eco-friendliness, both types of straws are ideal alternatives for plastic. However, metal is a better alternative if you own a restaurant. This is because unlike glass, it's incredibly durable. It's also cost effective in that it's affordable and can be reused many times as long as it's cleaned well. Besides, metal straws come in an array of shapes and sizes, which makes them aesthetically pleasing to clients. You will nevertheless need a few glass straws when serving hot drinks.