Yokote - Katana Yokote Origins
The Yokote is the line that divides the body of the blade or Ji with its tip or Kissaki. There is a symmetry seen when the geometry of the blade changes from the blade to the tip. The Katana Yokote cannot be visible seen by the naked eye however; rest assured that this is how it will look when viewed through a powerful microscope. Having Yokote Katana means the sword is real unlike those seen on most mass produce Katana, Wakizashi and Tanto. When itÂ’s untrue its ugly and wrong. The blade must be forged to be able to apply a real Yokote. In terms of making a Tanto style weapon the only one that has Yokote Katana is referred to as Osoraku. This is a blade shape style and not a polishing style. Shinogi- Zukuri tanto which has Yokote is contestable since these have broken Katana tips. Shobu sugata for example has no Yokote however, Kiriha-Zukuri and Osuraku- Zukiri has no Yokote bevel as well. This must be kept in mind when purchasing weapons. Simply put, the presence of Yokote is rare on production swords.