Seppa - Katana Sword Spacers
Seppa are washers that are used and located in front and behind the tsuba. This part is use to tighten the fittings of the sword. Katana Seppa is more than just a decorative accessory. This can be ornate or plain in appearance. This can either be single or two piece. The tsuba seats in the middle of these spacers. In other words it is located on the right and left of the tsuba. The square mechanism allows the locking mechanism to go through. Katana Seppa is considered as important Japanese sword fittings because this acts as shock absorber when the user comes in contact with his sword. The use of this part ensures a good fit of the habaki, blade and tsuka. Seppa also separates the blade from the hand guard. These are usually made of copper and are one of the traditional koshirae materials. Each of these comes in pair. These measures about one millimeter in thickness. In swords of the buke-zukuri type found between the guard and the hilt. Some Samurai uses colored ribbon through the holes.