Lengthen and Strengthen Legs + Core and More Yoga Combo Package
Buy this bundle to get the Lengthen and Strengthen Legs AND the Core and More Video Bundles together and save 15% on your total purchase. These 6 streamable yoga workouts are all a practical length (12 to 32 minutes) to easily fit into your day. Stream a yoga workout before or after work or running, or more efficiently fit yoga into a spare half hour. You receive lifetime streaming of: - Yoga for Hips (28 min.), for flexibility in hips & relief from IT band tightness - Yoga for Calves and Hamstrings (32 min.), to open the backs of the legs - Yoga for Legs and Core (27 min.), for combined leg and core strengthening - Core Blaster Yoga (26 min.), for a fun and challenging ab/core workout - Essential Legs Refresher Yoga (23 min.), to revitalize the legs daily - Pre/Post-Run Yoga (12 min.). for anytime stretching before or after working out.