I can now make succulents out of jelly beans | Runawaykiwi, Expat in London
Have you heard of Neff? When I was invited to a gingerbread making event a couple of weeks ago I, like you, were none the wiser about this mysterious Neff creature. The possibilities running through my mind included, but were not limited to: Neff: the High Wizard of the Ever Changing Fandango New Elephant Friends Forever Neff you Side note: I have tried hurling that last one in the direction of people who stand in the way of the tube doors as you are trying to get off and it totally works. To assuage my curiosity I headed along on a cold rainy night take part in the Great Gingerbread Bakeoff. I learned many things on that fateful night, and my dear readers as a gift to you I have imparted my knowledge just below this fetching picture of a gingerbread house. Important bit of knowledge #1 I still at the ripe old age of 30 find team building exercises a challenge. As part of the Bake Off we were divided into teams of 8 and we had to cook and construct a gingerbread house in three