How to get a seat in a cafe in London | Runawaykiwi, Expat in London
My favourite time in London is 9:30am on a Saturday or Sunday. On a weekday London at 9:30am would be hyper-charged with men in suits, meandering tourists and walkers whose pace is a fraction too slow. But at the weekend, the streets of central London are empty. So empty in fact you would be forgiven for wondering if the Zombie Apocalypse had happened overnight but somehow the news hadn't made it to twitter. During the week 9:30am is your first meeting for the morning, your second cup of coffee or the fifth time you have sworn at a colleague in your head. But around swings the weekend and we all consider it to be horrendously early. Those early weekend hours are simply magic. If you feel yourself falling out of love with London then I really recommend getting out and about early. The calm and the quiet make it feel like you have the city all to yourself. And, if you are like me and hate queuing for food then arriving fractionally earlier at a cafe means you can walk straight into a