Turns out I ski better drunk (but probably not) | Runawaykiwi, Expat in London
It snowed in London last week, did anyone tell you? There was the initial sparkling magic, then the commuter panic and now the recriminations about why weren't better prepared. Just the normal British weather cycle really. In the midst of it all I was scheduled to go to a snow themed event that had been in my calendar for a month - I'm not saying that the event manager caused the polar vortex but it is suspicious. The event, put on by The Post Office, had an interesting premise. We've all heard of après ski and dreamed of the glamorous fondu based life on top of the mountain and then in the middle of the mountain, and then at the bottom of the mountain? Well, those skiing numptys are invalidating their insurance - you can't drink then ski. And not only that, but the alcohol is more likely to put them in a position that they need said insurance. In essence, they are about to get a short sharp shaft up the polar vortex. On this cold Wednesday evening we set out to prove the hypothesis.