WE: A Collection of Individuals
WE: A Collection of Individuals is a compelling story surrounding the life and times of the modern day skier. It has long been thought that skiing was an individual sport, however the story of WE proves that this idea is nothing more than a fallacy. Skiing is an art, a collaborative effort that takes the energy of many. Even though skiing encompasses many different venues and styles the core remains within the crew of individuals that help scout, build, transport, struggle, and keep each other safe. WE follows the season of the most influential skiers as they travel the world in search of epic powder lines, tackling the streets, and creative park features. Together this collection of individuals becomes WE. Athletes: Sean Petit, Bobby Brown, Pep Fujas, Dane Tudor, Leigh Powis, Clayton Vila Sean Jordan, Karl Fostvedt, Banks Gilberti, Cam Riley, Riley Leboe, Josh Stack, Mike Henitiuk, Paddy Graham, Bene Mayr, Joss Christensen, Alex Schlopy, Joe Schuster, Alexi Godbout