Rachel Brathen Yoga: Release & Let Go!
It’s time to listen to the body. This collection of practices is about discovering areas holding tension and tightness. Leave your mat feeling lighter and more at peace. (100 minutes) The Shoulder Unfolder This gentle practice targets the areas of the shoulders, neck and the upper back, helping you create space in these areas where we tend to hold a lot of stress. (20 minutes) Intuitive Body Awareness Flow Move freely in this practice that’s designed to create space for intuitive body movements. (20 minutes) Twist & Shout Time to sweat! This strong, powerful flow will leave you refreshed and detoxified. (20 minutes) Connecting to Your Center Our confidence and sense of personal power lies in our core – let’s connect to it! (20 minutes) Release & Let Go! This calming, cooling session is aimed to help release tension and let go. The practice focuses on the hips and quads, and ends with Rachel’s favorite pose – a beautiful moment with our legs up the wall. (20 minutes)