Magnetic Play Dough - Queen Come First
This product is an educational toy for growing children who need to understand what magnetic fields are and how they attract or repel each other. The Magnetic Play Dough is also a game tool for people who grow up and grow up, they need a good time to pass their leisure time, travel time or other.Product Details: The magnetic powder contains a magnetic powder composition which can be adsorbed by a magnet. Random stretching, how to pinch. You can make the most of your imagination and make a variety of shapes Soft texture, high tensile strength, good magnet adsorption effect, fast phagocyte magnet, water-based magnetic mud, no greasy feeling This product is air-dried, shaped, sealed, safe and non-toxic! Can be used with confidence! Please stamp. If it does, add a few drops of water and immediately restore its energy. Do not add too much water.