Promiscuities - Full Movie (Ultimate Edition)
The ultimate edition package includes: - Unlimited Instant Streaming & HD Downloads of the Full Film 'Promiscuities' - The boutique publication 'Fetishisms Manifesto,' featuring sensual erotic photographs of: Emily Ratajkowski ('Gone Girl'; 'Blurred Lines'), Amy Hood ('Promiscuities'), and Britany Nola (Playboy Playmate), among others, shot by director Jonathan Leder; shipped securely to mailing address - The second issue of the boutique publication, Fetishisms Manifesto Vol. 2 'Blondes' This second volume of 'A Study in Fetishisms' embodies the idea of 'Blondes' - from dirty to platinum. It is a tribute to the spirit of America, it's fascinations with life, glamor, beauty and tragedy, and to the women that made, and continue to make, it possible. Featuring Kayslee Collins, Molly Constable, Amy Hood (Promiscuities), among others, all shot by director Jonathan Leder