Masterclass: Preparing for the American Film Market
No matter how you plan to distribute your film, the relationships you foster are key to finding success. If you're self distributing, those relationships are the ones you foster through social media and your local communities. If, like many filmmakers, you're looking for more traditional distribution then you'll need relationships with distributors and sales agents. If you're an American Filmmaker, the best place to foster those relationships is at The American Film Market. But AFM is somewhat Mercurial and hard to understand without a veteran guiding you. That's why Producer Foundry is happy to bring you a workshop on how to use AFM to establish relationships with distributors. The Presenter will be Ben Yennie, Author of The Guerrilla Rep, American Film Market Distribution Success on No Budget. The Book is currently being used as a text book at more than 10 film schools, and is in more than 100 independent booksellers nationwide, as well as amazon and Barnes and Nobles.