How to copy Prezi template using Prezi Classic view? | Preziland
You can't make a copy of a Prezi easily after April 2017 because Prezi is forcing the Prezi Next version to all users. The only known solution is switching between Next and Classic view on the Prezi online Web. So the best way to copy and modify Prezi templates downloaded from Preziland is using Prezi online editor and Classic view. This applies to all other previous Prezis that are public and reusable (using Prezi search we can find more than million Prezis that are reusable and free to copy by anyone using Prezi classic version) Sometimes you can't see Prezi classic view. It is because you haven't made any Prezi classic. The solution is to make a copy some of the public and reusable Prezi that is made with previous classic version. Try to use this free template here: Use that link to go Web page and make a copy of this free template (use button Make a copy). Make a copy and then after that (web page refresh might be