Red Roses – Candle Travel Tin — Pretty Creations Party Store
Create an inviting sensual experience with our range of scented soy candles. Whether you want to create an aura that's calm and contemplative or welcoming and sociable, our range of scented candles are a touch of luxury you can enjoy daily. Our candles also make the perfect gift and can be used for any occasion, any event, to set the mood. Our travel tins allows you to recreate the ambiance of home when you're away. All our candles are hand poured using pure soy wax and the highest quality essential & fragrant oils. Burn time – small 15 hours. medium 20 hours. About the Scent: The timeless aroma of romantic roses is uniquely balanced with citrus and sandalwood accords to form a blend that is lush and modern. The rose has healing virtues and is all powerful; it is the symbol of love, beauty, and their frailty. Tip: When you first light your candle – it is important to give them a good first burn. You want the liquefied wax to have reached the inside ring of the glass jar. This avoids unnecessary wastage of the candles wax and an even burn all the way down the jar - extending your candle’s lifetime.