Horror Obscura
A collection of new and classic horror. With this purchase you will receive the following movies: THE SANDMAN - A social worker tries to counsel a young woman who believes that she's demon possessed. MY LAST HALLOWEEN - A counselor tries to heal the psychological scars of a woman who claims she was attacked by the son of Michael Myers. MICHAEL MYERS - Two teachers find themselves being stalked by a horror fan copy cat. NUMBERED DAYS - A young woman struggles to keep her sanity during the zombie apocalypse. THE CHILLS - A recovering drug addict sees ghosts much to her roommates disbelief. CRIMSON - Four party girls find themselves in the middle of a vampire battle royale. THE GHOST OF RANDALL BOWERS - Two Youtubers recreate the crime scenes of a serial killer who once lived in their apartment. MASSACRE AT CENTRAL HIGH - A bullied teen strikes back against his tormentors.