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Chihuahua DogSling Chihuahua DogSling Carrier is the perfect tool for carrying your Chihuahua (or other small dog). Made out of fleece which is a soft and warm fabric, the DogSling is very comfortable for both dog and owner. The added safety attachements and pouch make for great utility. Dobby, our mascott, had so much fun trying it out! Check out our article and picture gallery. Fabric & ease of use The Chihuahua DogSling Carrier is made from Fleece and jogging fabrics. The fleece is very warm and contains the heat very well. Your Chihuahua will never be cold when he's chilling out in the DogSling. The carrier itself is easy to use. Just place your head through the opening, shift the weight on to your shoulder and you can fit your Chihuahua right in. When our Chihuahua mascott 'Dobby' first noticed the DogSling it was very intrigued. Once we picked him up he was very open to trying it out. Once placed in the fleece, the dog became extremely relaxed and enjoyed his stay in the DogSling hotel.... As you can see from our images. For more information on how to put on the Chihuahua DogSling Carrier refer to the 'How to' section of this article. Dog comfort Dobby, our Chihuahua mascott, tried the DogSling carrier right before one of his favorite walks. The dog had a very exciting morning with alot of visitors and lots of attention. Even though the enviroment was a bit hectic, Dobby became very calm once placed in the DogSling. You could tell from the look in his eyes that he was extremely comfortable. The fact that the carrier carries the Chihuahua like baby makes for perfect comfort. The dog is well placed, and the owner has both hands completely free. The fleece fabric is also perfect for the winter. Fleece is a fabric that can contain warmth. With your body heat on one side and your Chihuahua on the other, it will never get cold. When Dobby tried the Chihuahua DogSling Carrier we even had trouble getting him out! He just liked his new carrier too much! Owner comfort Whilst it is good getting the best tools for your best friend, you must also think about yourself. The usual carriers can be very fashionable, yet comfort is often forgotten. Placing your Chihuahua in your typical handheld bag/carrier looks good, but are you comfortable carrying it all the time? While these traditional bags are heavier and always carried on one side, the DogSling spreads the weight over your shoulders and back. In addition, it also allows for both hands to be free at all times! Traditional bags are usually carried on one side and so one arm is always obstructed. It's also very nice knowing that there is an extra pouch attached to the DogSling. This in addition to the safety attachement make for a perfect small dog carrier/Sling. Utility and safety As mentioned before the utility of the DogSling is unmatched. Compared to traditional carriers we (and Dobby for that matter) prefer the DogSling. It allows for easier movement, less obstruction and is completely hands-free. From a utility point of view we would ALWAYS recommend the DogSling Carrier. To the side there is a small pouch, unreachable for the dog, where you can stash some cookies or some personal items you want to bring. Additionally there is an attachement for the dog so that you don't need to be worried about it jumping out and running away. Just for you to know: Dobby didn't even want to get out!