Pink Dot 11 calls for the repeal of S377A to end LGBTQ discrimination´╗┐ | Pink Dot SG
Press release 29 June 2019 – The 11th Pink Dot has been formed in Hong Lim Park. Despite initial thunderstorms in the afternoon before the event started, Speaker's Corner is once again filled to capacity as thousands gather in a rallying call against discrimination towards the LGBTQ community in Singapore. The campaign for this year focuses on the many stories of discrimination faced by the different members of our community in all facets of Singaporean society – in the workplace, in schools, in public and online. "It has been a decade and yet our leaders seem to be selective in their listening when it comes to the discrimination that LGBTQ people face every single day," says Paerin Choa, Pink Dot SG Spokesperson. "We continue to be made invisible and marginalised in Singapore where we are denied respect and dignity by the laws and the policies of this country." Representing the next generation of Pink Dot SG organisers, Clement Tan, Pink Dot SG Spokesperson echoes these