Statement on MOH's HIV registry data leak | Pink Dot SG
Our hearts go out to the victims of this data leak who now face the prospect of further stigmatisation and discrimination, thanks to the irrational fear and ignorance surrounding HIV and People Living with HIV (PLHIV). In Singapore today, PLHIV experience: (1) No protection by the law from discrimination at the workplace based on their HIV status, sexual orientation or gender identity. (2) A lack of access to LGBTQ-friendly societies for support due to government regulations that prohibit the forming of such societies. (3) Classification as prohibited immigrants by the Immigration Act which denies otherwise skilled and talented individuals an opportunity to contribute to the local economy. Deportation of these PLHIV upends careers and relationships and is unnecessarily cruel. (4) Discrimination from the local insurance industry that denies them policies, despite advances in medication that has enabled them to live long, healthy lives. Pink Dot SG strongly condemns any