PinkFest line-up | Pink Dot SG
PinkFest - Current Line-up* Pink Dot 10 marks a milestone tenth edition of Singapore's largest LGBTQ-affirming event. To commemorate this milestone, members of the LGBT community, straight allies from social support groups, voluntary organisations and businesses came forward to celebrate the Freedom to Love in their own, special way, over two weekends leading up to Pink Dot. *Please note specific dates, timings and venues are to be confirmed. Please check in to PinkFest's website for current information: ** 7 & 8 July Pink Party by Mismatch Hard Rock Café Join Pangina Heals (co-host of Drag Race Thailand) as she hosts a supersized version of a Vogue Ballroom event in which the LGBT community are encouraged to take part in a range of exciting "battles" to win cash prizes, vouchers and trophies! Talk: Please Mind the Gaps, by IndigNation A look at some of the key gaps around LGBTQ organisation in Singapore, especially in the area of ideation, imagination and community building.