PhysioYoga Workshop for lower legs and feet
in this workshop PhysioYoga offers simple exercises with step by step guidance for the most common physical problems of the lower leg and feet. The exercises are adapted so that everyone can do them, no need to have any experience with yoga. So you can enjoy the benefits of yoga without needing to be a 'yogi'. In these videos you will find answers for problems with: * the foot-arch: flat foot, heelspur, pronation of foot, painful arch of foot, weak foot arch,... * the toes: hallux valgus, hammer toes, deviating toes, ... * the ankle: sprained ankle, ankle instability,... * the lower leg: achilles tendon problems, shin splint, shortening/cramping of calf muscles,.. * the knee: creating stability for the knee up from the foot and lower leg - a lot of knee problems originate here * and any pain or inflammation in the tissues of the lower legs and feet I do explain the connections to yoga asana practice for people who use yoga as a daily practice. If you are not into yoga yet this is a good and safe starting point. By understanding yoga poses you will less likely hurt yourself doing them. As a yoga-teacher and/or body-worker PhysioYoga is of special interest. What I teach is applicable to all styles of yoga as it is based on how the body functions naturally. You will have new insights in how yoga poses are constructed and how to adapt them so that your clients benefit more and heal faster.