Augustine’s SuperBoost - Original - The Paw Principality
SuperBoost Supplements Augustine’s SuperBoost is the world’s first and only 100% certified organic wholefood supplement formulated for canines. It is based on the formula found in our flagship fresh food product, Augustine’s SuperFood. This nutritional powerhouse is suitable for ALL dogs and can be added to dry, canned, raw & home cooked meals. You can even use the free recipes on the Augustine Approved website to make Augustine’s SuperFood at home! Key benefits 100% certified organic - made under & governed by human food standards Prevention & management of arthritis, pancreatitis and inflammatory bowel disease Provides vital nutrients that processing can destroy Produced entirely from wholefoods (no synthetics) Promotes healthy skin, shiny coat & strong nails Naturally enhances performance & vitality Suitable for dogs with meat protein issues Strong focus on disease prevention Promotes healthy organ function