On The Horizon - Feature Film
Casey just about has his life together when a call from his volatile ex upends his efforts. She’s so wrong for him — and feels so right to be with. Their passion reignites, and then just as suddenly is snuffed out as Elissa turns her back again. She drifts into the arms of another former lover. Casey drifts into a sullen spiral of hard work and harder but joyless play, as though it might heal his wound. But can a love that never should have been ever die? Director Pascal Payant uses minimalist, perfectionist approach — on his shoots’ most epic day, his production crew were three, and his budget was in the modest five figures. This is no shambling amateur indulgence, though. Payant places his love-mad leads in appropriately gorgeous locales, from the exquisite Chateau de Challain in France to the austere beauty of the Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah. His breathtaking imagery is accompanied by the haunting sounds of Team Ghost, Silver Swans and more indie acts to keep an ear out for. You can see ON THE HORIZON objectively, as a triumph of talent and technical savvy over outdated economics of cinema — or as Payant might prefer, subjectively, as a lush, rich, evocative tone poem for the eyes, ears and broken heart. Bonus Features include "Soundtrack, Cast Interview, Movie Script, One hour In Depth Interview With The Director , Press Kit, Movie Poster and Deleted Scenes. For more informations: onthehorizonfilm.com