Ep 63. Krysten Ritter
Though it’s probably not what Shakespeare meant when he had Hamlet pondering “…the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,” it’s a phrase that comes to mind in pondering the fortune of Krysten Ritter. For years, she’s patiently taken every small, prescribed, and hard-fought step to acting—mall discovery, modeling, commercials, countless ‘friend’ roles and a couple of cancelled shows—before landing the lead in Marvel’s Jessica Jones on Netflix, a role Rolling Stone called “…the sort of conflicted, damaged anti-heroine who's right in Ritter's sweet spot.” Ritter didn’t mind the journey, believing each step prepared her for the next. But nothing quite prepared her for Jessica Jones. With exponential opportunities, success (and minor injuries) came an outrageous new schedule, responsibility, and fame that she’s still learning how to handle without throwing up or fainting dead away. But she’ll take every arrow in the quiver if it means continuing to do what she loves. Ritter talks about her tough but formative adolescence, being at the forefront of an unprecedented new TV format, and why you might want to pick up a pack of Post-Its the next time you’re at the store.