Ep 42. Jack Black
Readers, do you come to Off Camera seeking the cogent, the chronological, the coherent in your conversations? Well, stop looking, because you’ve just encountered the not-strictly-proverbial hot blast of cheese. Which is to say, this ain’t that conversation. Which is not to say you won’t find the usual inspiration, wise words and artistic insights. They’ll just be doled (and possibly rolled) out by the inimitable Jack Black, who has a way with words that is more than entertaining, but less than linear. You will also be treated to the usual captivating tales, this time involving certain amounts of Tim Robbins and drought-friendly grass, on-set angst and awesomeness, and in an Off Camera exclusive, the SNL audition that never was. Missile Head, we hardly knew ye. Why the departure you ask? There’s just too much dorcus domingai in his soup.