Ep 27. Ethan Hawke
If Ethan Hawke’s career has a recurring theme, it’s the passage of time. The actor’s exceptional films with director Richard Linklater – particularly the critically acclaimed “Boyhood” and the “Before Sunrise” trilogy – are celebrations of the shifting perspectives, ever-evolving characters and the years-long accumulation of small joys and sorrows that give depth and dimension to the life of the common man. Hawke was branded for years, even by himself, as the personification of youthful promise. Today, at 44, he has segued into middle age with a voracious curiosity to find out what it all means, what is essential to happiness and what can be cast aside. In conversation with Off Camera, Hawke ponders the joys and follies of youth, the lessons of aging and the invaluable wisdom learned from an uncommonly happy old man.