Ep 44. Connie Britton
When late bloomers finally blossom, they do so with a vengeance. When you take a bit of time to figure out what makes you tick, you can go after roles that mean something to you – and your audience. While having undeniably fabulous hair never hurt anyone, Connie Britton says she owes her best work to projects that make her feel empowered, and these days doesn’t spend much time waiting around for someone else to hand out the go-aheads. We discuss how she came into her own as an artist, her experiences on The Brothers McMullen, Friday Night Lights and Nashville, losing what felt like the role of a lifetime. We also surprised the unsuspecting Ms. Britton with our little version of This Is Your Life, but after you’ve risked singing on national television, not much ruffles you. In fact, she believes seeking out the scary stuff is key to helping her career continue to flourish. We can’t wait to see what her next risk will bring – just as long as it doesn’t involve scissors.