NUNE | LGBTQ Short Film | American Teen Drama (Rent)
Nune (pronounced "Noon-nay") Lusparian wishes her life was different. At school, a group of privileged kids try to break her, except for Briana, an American beauty, who has a bleeding heart for Nune. Briana's clique wonders why a girl who has it all, would sympathize with the high school's ugly duckling. Then start the rumors that Briana might be gay. If Briana's reputation goes down by going out on the limb to follow her heart, will Nune rise up to catch her falling star? NUNE is a romantic LGBTQ short film exclusively tailored to the new adult, queer questioning youth coming of age. Genre: LGBTQ, Coming of Age, Romance, Art House, Indie, American Teen Drama, Fiction #NuneMovie #NoDrugLikeLove