There Goes..... The Movie
There Goes is finally live and free for all to see from the comfort of wherever their internet connection needs are met. Writing this it's hard to believe it's been 2 or more years since this hair brained scheme was hatched, it all started with a fine and sunny spring in Jindabyne, many BBQs on McCarthys east Jindabyne verandah (including Brekky BBQ's) and a medium snow cover to get around on while we searched for any medium risk maximum fun obstacles that weren't too far from the Perisher bar. This session filled week was a little web edit that sparked the idea to attempt something bigger. Fast forward 6 months and a somewhat failed Japan trip went down as Jyes dodgy ankle gave way on the first run. This left McCarthy to be the star of the show with a photog' and filmer in tow, the vibe was low to say the least. Returning home I thought would be that, another trip down the proverbial toilet, nothing to show for it. We plundered through a rain plagued Aussie season while dreaming of greener pastures covered in many feet of snow. The Americas and the Cananadas, we had the eye on the prize. Once again Burton had our back, plans were hatched, tickets booked, credit cards cleared for subsequent maxing and before I could say "thanks for nothing Jindabyne season 2013" I was on a big jet air plane to spend New Years eve in California. The 1st of January 2014 was the first day of filming for There Goes and the 10 weeks that followed are all captured in moving image form accompanied by a punchy soundtrack of Australian & NZ music. featuring the chicken man Jye Kearney, Jake McCarthy, Daniel "Harry" Crean and some Richie Carroll highlights when he joined us for some of the adventure.Thanks again for everyone that made this happen (Ya'll know who you are), most importantly and a double thanks to Burton and family (Analog & Anon) for all their support, good faith, blind faith and patience. Could not have done it without you bro's. Transfer Magazine has been along for the ride too, check out the 3 feature articles on our travels nestled amongst the pages of their first three 2014 issues.Hope you enjoy watching. Likes: 54 Viewed: 8498