Nekdoodle® Shark - “Pinky” Pink Animal Pool Noodle Pets - Nekdoodle® Inc
Nekdoodle® Animal Pool Noodle Pets. Recreational pool toy that doubles as a learn to swim, swim aid. Bright colors and soft, non-toxic, vinyl-coated foam add to the enjoyment for family pool fun and create excitement for teaching beginning swimmers. Permanently buoyant. Ages 4+ Collect them all and create your own Nekdoodle® Animal Pool Noodle Zoo!Safety Tips:Pinky says “Don’t play breath-holding games” It’s best to relax and breathe normally while swimming” WARNING:This is not lifesaving device. Do not leave children unattended while device is in use. Trademark Note: Nekdoodle® Pool Animal Pets US & China Patent Pending Nekdoodle® is a Registered Trademark