B - Come and Get Your Love
Hailing from South Dakota, B. aka Brandis B. Knudsen, of Dakota South Records has become one of the quickest rising Native American artists in the industry. He followed the success of his self-titled debut album in 2012, with his long awaited sophomore album, "OHHH! B."in 2016 featuring the hit single "Come and Get Your Love" containing an authorized sample of the 1974 Top 5 Billboard 100 single from Redbone. "Come and Get Your Love" received Single of the Year honors at the 2016 Native American Music Awards in New York. Dakota South Records released a music video for the single in 2017, which would quickly be broadcast on FNX and it's 23 affiliate TV stations. Winner of five music awards, twelve nominations, and recorded sales in more than 30 countries, B. of Dakota South Records is quickly rising to the top of the industry! 3:21