Beginner Guitar (first 4 lessons) - Techniques, skills and understanding for: Finger Picking, Strumming and Rhythm, Using a Pick; Playing Notes Properly (COMMAND AND CONTROL)
The first 4 lessons in the Beginner Guitar series are all about developing COMMAND AND CONTROL over your guitar by learning: Proper Finger Picking Techniques; Proper Strumming and Rhythm; Properly Picking With A Pick; and Playing Notes Properly. When you properly develop and acquire those four fundamental areas of technique, skill and ability it will be much easier for you to learn how to play anything on the guitar (chords, scales, songs) because you will have the proper techniques and skills in place to perform what you are learning. You can purchase and access this fundamentals package for only $59 TODAY and save $41 on the first four Beginner Guitar lessons. Or purchase and access all 7 Beginner Guitar lessons for just $119.