Beginner Guitar, Lesson 1 - Finger Picking
Beginner Guitar, Lesson 1, provides a series of videos that facilitate development of Finger Picking techniques and skills, which will enable aspiring guitar players to have COMMAND AND CONTROL over their guitar strings with their picking and strumming hand. By easily and quickly developing proper finger placement upon guitar strings and acquiring the techniques and skills that are explained and demonstrated within these video lessons you will be able to play any song that requires Finger Picking. Over time additional videos will be added to this lesson (Beginner Guitar, Lesson 1) to provide further support in the development of this important ability. Several songs that utilize Finger Picking will be added to the Lesson 1 series of video lessons over time, including: Blackbird and Dear Prudence (The Beatles), Dust In The Wind (Kansas), Black Water (The Doobie Brothers), Come And Go Blues (Gregg Allman), The Keeper (Chris Cornell), Stairway To Heaven (Led Zeppelin). The price of this individual lesson may be raised in the future do to added and increased value over time as new videos with additional techniques, skills and songs are added. If you have already purchased, or soon purchase, this lesson (Beginner Guitar, Lesson 1 - Finger Picking) or you have already purchased, or soon purchase, the entire Beginner Guitar series of video lessons (Beginner Guitar) prior to new videos being added you will not have to pay any additional cost after new videos are added.