Natural History Museum
LONDON, UK: London's Natural History Museum is a cathedral of nature, housing over 70 million specimens, and visited by more than 4 million people every year. From strange creatures that inhabit the ocean depths, to meteorites from far away worlds, the secrets of the past and discoveries of the future lurk in galleries and backrooms, waiting to be discovered. In this episode we examine a skull to discover if prehistoric Britains were cannibals, then pull a killer shark from a pool of formaldehyde to find out how it helped swimmers win Olympic gold. We dare a curator to handle a famous gem said to kill all who touch it, then enter a once top-secret room where WWII spymasters created a bomb that came within a hair’s-breadth of killing Hitler. We view the remains of Barbary Lions to find out why they spent their lives in the Tower of London, then consider a perfectly preserved specimen of a Dodo, to discover whether the flightless bird’s extinction was really as inevitable as we have been led to believe.