Royal Ontario Museum
TORONTO: This eye-popping landmark is a national treasure chest – Canada’s largest museum of culture, archeology and natural history, containing more than 6 million artifacts, and visited by over a million people every year. We unwrap a tiny mummy to find out how an Egyptian baby died 2000 years ago, then test two theories about 12th Century Islamic pottery by smoking hashish and blowing things up. We tell the (embarrassing) tale of a dinosaur lost for decades within the museum’s walls, then visit a hard-hat construction zone where curators piece bones together into the colossal skeleton of a Barosaurus. We field test a crossbow against a musket to find out which is the deadliest killing machine, then meet the great-great grandson of Sitting Bull, who uses spiritual means to discern whether the museum’s prized Sioux headdress was ever worn by his illustrious ancestor. And finally, we examine the stuffed remains of a prize-winning bulldog to uncover a disturbing revelation about the dangers of unnatural selection.