London's Natural History Museum, National Maritime Museum and Imperial War Museum; Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum. LONDON'S NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM is a cathedral of nature, housing over 70 million specimens, and visited by more than 4 million people every year. From strange creatures that inhabit the ocean depths, to meteorites from far away worlds, the secrets of the past and discoveries of the future lurk in galleries and backrooms, waiting to be discovered. THE NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM collection allows visitors to trace the origins of British sea power, its accomplishments in the age of empire, and its consequences in the world today. THE IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM tells the story of Britain at war, from World War One to the present, through a collection of 10 million items – from guns to planes to medals to cyanide pills – at five locations in England visited by over 2 million people every year. TORONTO's ROYAL ONTARIO MUSEUM is an eye-popping landmark and a national treasure chest – Canada’s largest museum of culture, archeology and natural history, containing more than 6 million artifacts, and visited by over a million people every year.