The Smithsonian Institution; the Metropolitan Museum of Art; The American Museum of Natural History; and the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico. THE SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION: Established in 1846 by a scientist named James Smithson, The Smithsonian is the largest museum and research complex in the world, with over 10 million visitors every year, and nearly 137 million specimens and artifacts. THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART (known informally as the Met) is one of the world's largest art galleries, boasting over 2 million works from prehistory to the present day in galleries visited by over 5 million people every year. Here we discover tales of tragedy, madness and even murder. THE AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY: From dinosaurs to meteorites to the origins of the human species, the American Museum of Natural History boasts 32 million exhibits, and over 4 million annual visitors, along with a stellar research staff that mounts over 100 expeditions every year. THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF ANTHROPOLOGY, MEXICO: This impressive modern museum, visited by 2 million people every year, tells the story of Mexico from before the Mayan civilization to the Spanish conquest.