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DOWNLOAD OR RENT NOW! FOR HOME USE ONLY. DOWNLOAD INCLUDES: 20 EXTRA VIDEOS - 5 EXTRA ZIP FILES THE 5 POWERS MOVIE THE 5 POWERS 2ND EDITION COMIC BOOK RARE MARTIN LUTHER KING JR COMIC BOOK ADDITIONAL DETAILS The 5 Powers - Full 1080p HD - 60 Minute Feature Documentary Movie - Bonus Video Material - Historic Rarely or Never Before Seen Photos, Press. - The 5 Powers 2nd Edition Comic Book - The Martin Luther King Jr, Montgomery Story Comic Book - Cool Comic Book and Movie Creation Videos - Topoke “Freedom” THE 5 POWERS Soundtrack Song MOVIE MERCHANDISE AVAILABLE NOW! IN THE TOPSPIN (BEATS MUSIC) WAREHOUSE READY TO BE SHIPPED! thichnhathanhmovierelease.spinshop.com “Hope is what the world needs now and hope is what The 5 Powers Movie offers.” - Andrea Miller, Deputy Editor, Shambhala Sun (Lions Roar) Magazine. ''The 5 Powers is a moving fusion of documentary footage, historic montage and vivid animation that send a powerful message of peace. Using modern technology and dramatic storytelling, the film focuses on three true heroes and their non-violent re-solution of conflict through a mind-ful, compassionate approach. Its beautifully crafted and truly inspiring' 

- Dave Gibbons, Graphic Novel Artist (Watchmen, Green Lantern). "The 5 Powers addresses timeless issues that are being replayed worldwide today in the Middle East and at home in the USA. We hope that this film will challenge the traditional notion of ‘the hero’ and what constitutes heroic action" - Gregory Kennedy-Salemi The movie follows the lives of Alfred Hassler, an American anti-war hero, Vietnamese peace activist Sister Chan Khong and Zen Master, Thich Nhat Hanh, whom Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1967.