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DOWNLOAD OR RENT NOW! FOR HOME USE ONLY. DOWNLOAD INCLUDES: 20 EXTRA VIDEOS - 6 EXTRA ZIP FILES PLANTING SEEDS OF MINDFULNESS FULLY ANIMATED MOVIE THICH NHAT HANH Q & A´s - QUESTIONS FROM TEENS & KIDS INTERVIEWS WITH PARENTS, EDUCATORS, TEENS AND KIDS ADDITIONAL DETAILS: Planting Seeds of Mindfulness Movie & Extras Downloads - 1080P HD - Planting Seeds of Mindfulness Animated Movie - Bonus Video Material - Pebble Meditation Cards - MORE MOVIE MERCHANDISE AVAILABLE NOW! IN THE TOPSPIN (BEATS MUSIC) WAREHOUSE READY TO BE SHIPPED! thichnhathanhmovierelease.spinshop.com PLANTING SEEDS OF MINDFULNESS The Fully Animated Movie is based on the bestselling book “Planting Seeds. Practicing Mindfulness With Children” by Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and world renowned Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. The Award Winning MOVIE SOUNDTRACK features legendary artist Tina Turner. Starring Thich Nhat Hanh “Thay” and TV Star Orlando Jones. The movie features Orlando Jones as an animated character, and his son Jasper, A Vietnamese African American Teenager whose family has just moved to a new neighbourhood, and a new school to be closer to Jasper´s charming and wise Zen master like Grandfather. The movie opens with “Jasper’s Journal” catching the attention and curiosity of Sam’s little sister Izzy. They become intrigued by the story of Jasper’s Mindful adventure and his discoveries in a mysterious place somewhere in France. Jasper, age 16, is experiencing difficulties and wants more peace and new friends in his life. To help with the stress from moving and his parents fighting, Jasper talks with Grandfather about the mindfulness he learned from Thay, a Zen Master at Plum Village (PV) in France. Jasper reflects on the diverse groups of families learning from and sharing their suffering with Thay. Jasper and his family recall several teachings, especially “beginning a new” and the “pebble meditation practice” with its four symbols, that Jasper and his sister Amelia especially liked - flower for fresh, mountain for solid, still water for reflecting, and space for freedom.