Same Sex Parenting, IVF and the Accidental Pregnancy - Meet the Wildes
I always wanted an accidental pregnancy. Not the soul-destroying sort of accidental pregnancy, where none of the options sound right and you can’t decide if it would be worse to abort the baby or keep it, but the sort of accidental pregnancy that you laugh about with friends later down the line, as you stand in the garden watching your three-year-old tear after his bigger siblings. The sort where you’re secretly glad because you were longing for another baby but couldn’t quite justify one to yourself. The sort of accidental pregnancy where you are secretly grateful to the universe for making the decision for you, where you can’t imagine not having this tiny force of nature in your life. I wanted one of those. When I was young, when I was still half-hoping that this thing with Kirsty was a phase and we’d go back to being life-long friends and… View Post