MeatEater Deluxe Volumes 1-5 + Special Edition Off-Cuts
The MeatEater Deluxe Package Includes SIX Volumes: VOLUME 1: Into the Clouds: Sitka Blacktail Deer The Sweetest Meat: Alaskan Black Bear Stalking the Grey Ghost: Arizona Coues Whitetail Deer The New American Food Chain: Wild Pigs Brotherhood, Badlands and Pack Llamas: Montana Mule Deer VOLUME 2: The Roughest Country: Texas Aoudad Sheep Canyon Bottoms and Cookouts: Texas Javelina The Rugged Peaks: Alaskan Mountain Goat The Water's Edge: Waterfowl in Alaska Big Bucks and Small Game: Whitetail Deer VOLUME 3: Big Sky, Bigger Birds: Montana Spring Turkey The Fair Chase: Arizona Mountain Lion Crossing Borders: Sonoran Desert Bison Strange Hunt in a Strange Land: New Zealand Red Stag Bush Pig: New Zealand Wild Boar The Top of the Bottom of the World: New Zealand Tahr (2-Part Episode) VOLUME 4: True North: Alaska North Slope Caribou (Episode Featuring Tim Ferriss) The Greatest Draw: Alaska Dall Sheep Sonoran Superbirds: Mexico Gould's Turkey Straight Flush: Montana Mountain Grouse First Timers: Montana Mule Deer (2-Part Episode Featuring Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen) VOLUME 5: Skunk Pig: Mexico Javelina (featuring Remi Warren) Swamp Stew: Michigan Bowfishing The Wide Open: New Mexico Antelope El Venado Blanco: Mexico Coues Deer (featuring Remi Warren) Clash of the Titans: Northern California Pig & Deer (featuring Hank Shaw) SPECIAL EDITION OFF-CUTS: Giving Thanks: Thanksgiving Cooking Special Cooking Special: Wild Game for the Big Game Primal Cuts: Bone-In Cooking Special Meet the MeatEaters (2-part Episode)