Dying To Know: Ram Dass & Timothy Leary - Deluxe Package
+ Dying To Know Yours forever to stream or download +Bonus Footage 2 hours of curated extras! Shenanigans from TIMOTHY LEARY and RAM DASS’s last recorded session together in 1995 + Ram Dass after Tim’s death + Highlights from: DR. ANDREW WEIL, ROSHI JOAN HALIFAX, JOANNA HARCOURT-SMITH, LAMA TSULTRIM ALLIONE, ZACH LEARY and HUSTON SMITH. + Just Say Know (30m) A Surprising Potrait of a Family on Drugs + 120m of extra Interviews Psychedelic Luminaries One: Gabor Maté, Rick Doblin, Jullie Holland + 200m of extra Interviews Psychedelic Luminaries Two: Daniel Pinchbeck, Stan Grof, Sasha Shuglin, Jeremy Narby, Ralph Metzner, Sting, Amanda Feilding, Kathi Von Koeber, Joe Rogan +SOCIAL GIFTING Send a free 3-day rental the film to 3 of your best friends!