Super Swedish Bonus Package
This package is intended for people living in Sweden or Swedes living abroad. In addition to the film "Makes You Wonder..." and the bonus package of extended conversations from the film – now including Martin Hedberg, Nina Ekelund, Anders Wijkman, Matilda Gustafsson Gennvi and Göran Gennvi – this special package contains the collection of films from the project "Den kan vara allas" on the Swedish custom of allemansrätten. Most of these films are in Swedish. The project's title comes from the poetic masterpiece by Tomas Tranströmer, "Östersjöar". This package also includes the film, "Östersjöar–En dikt av Tomas Tranströmer, read by the poet, the Nobel Prize Laureate, an Official Section of the Nordic International Film Festival in New York 2015. All in all there will be 30 films, more than 5 hours, all in short doc format (5-20 minute format) for convenient online viewing or download – plus the 32 minute Östersjöar.