Synopsis: They have always known that they were different. They didn’t understand the rules of the “normal planet”. Now they know that they have ASPERGER SYNDROME and that the force that pulled them towards their inner world was just a different way of being. . This documentary explores the behaviour of Michelle (16), Regina (31), Marcos (12) and Victor (22) dealing with their Asperger’s diagnosis with the purpose of portraying their particular way to see the world and their efforts to fit in ours and to be understood. Their voices and experiences will be of the utmost importance. Through them we will live moments of incomprehension, love loss, professional rejection, school bullying but also acceptance and adaptation. We will see a different world through their eyes, like visitors from another planet exploring ours and writing in their ship’s log. ---- Dir. María Barroso, Ricardo de Gracia ---- Subtitles: English, French, Spanish