THE HANDS OFF - NO SLEIGHT OF HAND CARD ROUTINE! BY POPULAR DEMAND, STEVE VALENTINE HAS PUT THIS TOGETHER FOR YOU! YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO AMAZE YOUR FRIENDS HAVEN'T YOU? Well now you can, as award winning magician and actor Steve Valentine teaches you SIX of his all time favorite, easy to do, incredible card tricks. Tricks that you can perform with ANY deck of cards, ANYWHERE, at ANYTIME. Even better, you will always have the ability to stream and watch and refresh these miracles wherever you are in world and on almost any device. So drop in, and learn how to look like a real card expert. This is really an entire card act in itself, done in sequence your friends will be blown away, and may never want to play cards with you ever again. Entertain your friends and family with these six awesome self working card tricks. 1) LAZY MAN'S CARD ACT: This is actually THREE tricks slammed together in a hands-off type card ROUTINE. Even though your friends handle, cut and deal the cards, you are still able to tell them exactly where the chosen card is... and then you REPEAT IT but this time the deck itself reveals all. It looks impossible. And finally a third card is chosen at random and kept by the audience, it turns out the magician guesses it's a spade. But to find out WHICH spade he starts to pull the spades out of the shuffled deck IN SEQUENCE, while the deck is BEHIND HIS BACK, until all twelve spades are on the table, from those he announces the missing card and the spectator adds their card to complete the perfect sequence in spades, which is the perfect climax to the perfect routine. 2) LAZY ACES. A classic hands off production of the four aces from a normal deck. The deck is cut into four piles by the spectator, cards are moved all over the place, the whole thing looks like total chaos until BAM! The top cards of each pile are revealed to be the glorious FOUR ACES. Smacks of being a real card expert. 3) MASTER CARD LOCATION: Find a card the audience is thudding of EVERY TIME. An incredibly clean location of a chosen card. It seems like there's no freaking way you could know the card your friends are thinking of, and yet BAM! You pull it out of the deck. The perfect trick for those challenge 'do it again' situations :) 4) FOGEL'S TRIPLE PREDICTION: The favorite card trick of one of Englands greatest Mentalists. Performed by the pros all over the world and now revealed to you. Again, it has that 'hands off vibe', a deck shuffled by your friends, without changing the order of any cards in the deck you lay three cards on the table, these are your three PREDICTIONS. The spectator then deals out the cards and even though they choose how many cards to deal, astoundingly they end up with three cards that MATCH YOUR THREE PREDICTIONS. This is a MIC DROP moment, you barely touch the cards, your audience does all the work and yet, you still pull it off. Sell this for all it's worth and they'll believe you can see into the future. This entire routine of cards tricks has a psychic, hands off, completely impossible theme. I guarantee your friends will be amazed. This is Steve valentine's favorite sequence of card tricks to do when he knows he has to fry some brains and people are filming his hands... why? Because there is nothing to see, nothing to give away the secrets of any of these miracles.